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RC4Vets Solutions LLC , a company of Subject Matter Experts, has a deep expertise in the area of Healthcare IT and Benefits Delivery. RC4Vets strongly believes in providing “Real Care for Veterans using SMART solutions that Matters” by providing smart tangible solutions improving day-to-day business transactions, maximizing efficiencies, eliminating risks and reducing costs for our clients. Subject Matter Experts from RC4Vets provide thought leadership and innovative approaches to federal agencies to shape up the future of healthcare IT

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Our Team

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Our Leadership Team

We help businesses elevate their value through custom software development,
product design, QA and consultancy services.

WARREN BECK, Founder and President

Information Technology professional with over 45 years of experience in technology and IT management to include corporate IT Operations, Development and Systems Administration, Government Systems Operations, Project Management and COR support. Consistently working with cross-functional teams to provide multivariate planning styles to meet the customer’s needs. Using different methodologies such as Agile and other resource tools to establish custom solutions for organizational support fulfilling the customer’s defined goals.

Vijayram Raghavan, EVP

Vijay has over 20 years of Information Technology (IT) consulting and leadership experience in a wide range of vertical industries including government, telecommunications, healthcare and energy. His long background in technology provides TowerStrides with unparalleled insight into developing and fostering the company’s key business relationships, and in identifying and creating solutions to our clients’ complex technological issues. Vijay has extensive experience in areas of business process reengineering, full lifecycle implementations, ERP Financials implementation and Enterprise Architecture and SOA Solutions.
Vijay holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering and Tele-Communications from Institution of Engineers and a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from University of Madras.

Sanad Pushpakaran , CTO

In this role, Sanad ensures effective and efficient delivery of TowerStrides’ services, developing the organization’s strategy/mission statement and instantiating it throughout the delivery organization. His role includes ensuring program staff possesses the requisite skills and experience to perform contractually-mandated work, as well as administering Quality Assurance and Customer Satisfaction initiatives.
Sanad has broad General Management experience and deep expertise in all aspects of the System Implementation Life Cycle – from IT strategy through Process Design, Architecture, Software Development and Implementation.
Sanad holds a BS in Electronics and an MS in Computer Science from the Virginia Tech.
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Our Process

Veterans Affairs Job Detail:

Application Development and support (VBA/VRE)& Program Management (VHA) AOA | Legacy applicationmodernization (MUMPS VISTA to SOA), Cloud Migration

USDA Job Detail: 

Risk Management Framework and ATO

Small Business Administration (SBA)
Job Detail:

Program management & Infrastructure Services

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Years of experience

Aptive is led and staffed by professionals with decades of combined experience in information technology, organizational change management, strategic communications, marketing and outreach, and creative design. We have experience on issues involving civil rights, electronic health records, financial readiness, geospatial intelligence, health care, homelessness, human resources, privacy, shared services, suicide prevention, substance use, Veterans’ benefits and more. Our professionals are certified experts in program management, change management and Lean Six Sigma and have won awards in graphics and user centric design.